Saken om 'sataniske overgrep' i Rochdale, Manchester
(The Rochdale case of alleged 'satanic abuse')


I 1990 ble 16 barn i Rochdale i England tatt fra hjemmene sine etter anklager om at foreldrene var djeveldyrkere. Nå går barna til sak for å få oppreisning.

Heksejakt i moderne tid
I 1990 ble 16 barn i Rochdale i England tatt fra hjemmene sine etter anklager om at foreldrene var djeveldyrkere. Nå går barna til sak for å få oppreisning. - Dette viser noen konsekvensene av ideer som blant annet Eva Lundgren har gått i bresjen for her i Norge, sier førsteamanuensis Asbjørn Dyrendal ved NTNU. ( 02.02.06)

A danger within
Interviews by Mary O'Hara. Andrew Webb Co-chair of the children and family committee, Association of Directors of Social Services It is very unlikely that what happened [in Rochdale] could happen again (The Guardian 18.01.06). BR: These interviews with representatives of the social sector today are far from reassuring. They are on the contrary illuminating. Self-protection and assurances that all is now well and quite different are still rife, as before.

'Satanic abuse' victims demand an apology
The victims of the Rochdale Satanic abuse scandal today demanded an apology in the aftermath of the shocking TV documentary. (Manchester Evening News 12.01.06)

'Satanic abuse' case families sue council for negligence
By Paul Lewis. - The claimants' case rests on the allegation that the council was negligent in taking children into its care before thorough inquiries had been completed. Lawyers will argue that the children suffered psychological harm from the experience. (The Guardian 12.01.06)

Lost years of 'satanic panic' children
Julie, 5 years in care, aged 11 -16: "We missed out on family life. We'll never get that back". Sixteen youngsters from the Langley estate near Rochdale were taken in to care - for what was to be a total of 34 years and four months. It was alleged they had been forced into devil worship and sexually abused. (BBC News 11.01.06)

BBC wins removed children ruling
Five families in Rochdale were wrongly separated. The BBC has successfully challenged an injunction blocking a programme about a group of children taken from families wrongly suspected of Satanic rituals. (BBC News 11.01.06)

Our stolen childhood: Page 1 , Page 2
Sixteen years after false claims of satanic abuse in Rochdale, the children involved can at last talk about their ordeal. Carol Midgley meets a brother and sister who still bear the scars of being taken from their family and spending much of their lives in care. - As many of those children, now adults, say, the only abuse they suffered was at the hands of the authorities. Parents in Rochdale claim that they were told untruths, including that their children were settling down well with foster parents when actually they were pleading to go home. (Times Online 10.01.06)

When Satan came to town
Five families in Rochdale were wrongly separated. In 1990 the Devil came to Rochdale. Families woke up to every parent's worst nightmare when, with no warning, police and social services came to take their children away. - Sixteen children were kept in care without any contact with their parents for months and it took 10 years before the last child was released from care back to his family. (BBC News 09.01.06)

Children sue in false abuse claim
Twelve children who were wrongly taken from their families because of false allegations of Satanic abuse, are suing the local council for compensation. Of the 20 youngsters removed from their homes on Middleton's Langley estate in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, in June 1990, 16 were put into care. Rochdale Council and police had been investigating false claims that they had been involved in Satanic rituals. Twelve of the group, now adults, want compensation and an apology. (BBC News 09.01.06)

Satanic abuse scandal kids to sue
A dozen of the children taken from their parents by Rochdale social workers in the so-called "Satanic Abuse" scandal are to bring a huge legal action for compensation for their suffering. (Manchester Evening News 07.01.06)